Question your belief system!

Question your belief system!

When I was five years old, I believed (read assumed), that a red-ink pen was very expensive. The reason- I rarely found a red-ink pen at my home compared to the blue one, so I assumed we couldn’t afford it. Innocent little mind. Haha! I made it my belief system, till, one day I found out the truth and felt that my whole life was a lie! Now, this is a tad bit of an example compared to the other grave belief systems that we cultivate throughout our lives but don’t stop and question it! Had I made an effort to seek the correct reason rather than just assuming it, I would not have lived in darkness. Likewise, we have based our lives on a whole lot of belief systems, which needs a recheck i.e. questioning belief system.

Most of the belief systems have been passed on to us by the older generation and we keep following them like a family tradition, without even questioning the logic or its relevance as on today! It need not be accepted by the society for you to believe in, but it is your personal responsibility that you have chosen to accept that belief system and not just because your parents have asked you to, or some celebrity has endorsed it or that you chose the convenient way of just following the herd! Trust me, when you start take personal responsibility of questioning belief system it and then choosing your path, you will definitely find yourself as an evolved and enhanced person.

You may be thinking ‘aise to kaunse belief system ki baat kar rai hai?’ What say like-:

God is responsible for all the good and bad happening in my life; 
Marriage is compulsory for all;
Having children is a must;
Weight training is a big NO for women;
All the beliefs mounted around a menstruating women; (thanks to Padman, people are taking an effort to understand and discuss menstruation without hesitation. If Akshay kumar can, why can’t han!)
I should win all the arguments.;
Person having non veg is a bad person;
Lighting a lamp in Diwali shall bring prosperity and wealth in my life;
Men should not help his women in the kitchen work; 
A home maker is not a working woman;
Anger is the way to get all the work done;
Fear is important for a child;
Life is a competition; and so on.

Now, as much as you wish, I am not the one to answer the above (wink wink). If you have observed, each of the above belief has a moot point. Actually, there cannot be a single resolution for any of the above, since these are not laws that must be abiding on us. But isn’t it essential that instead of just following them as it is (because it has been for all these years), we for once have our own thought process behind it before agreeing to follow it.

Like for example, does lighting a lamp give a certainty that we will prosper in our lives? Have you ever tried to seek the answer as to why do we do it?  If you ask me, I would say, lighting a lamp is only symbolic in nature. The true light should spark within yourself. The light of forgiveness, compassion, love, sharing, humanity, etc. If you keep lighting the lamp outside, (just because your mom says ‘beta aaj lakshmiji ko khaane pe bulaya hai.’) without even a bit of change inside, it has no meaning. Now, again I am not saying this is a universal truth and all should be accepting this, it may be right according to me and wrong according to someone. But the point is at least seeking the reason in your own way. If you really try seeking the answers while you questioning belief system, you will see how effortlessly you keep meeting your answers as you walk on the path.

You may think, ‘arre kya time pass hai, jaise chal raha hai acha hai na, kyu itni bheja fodi karne ka!!’ Well, definitely your choice, but,

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to live a consciously chosen life rather than a majdur wala life- jo bola hai wo karo , apna dimaag mat chalao;
As human beings, we are gifted with intellect. Do you not want to use it and evolve yourself as a better human being with enhanced perception? 
The gen next is not going to accept anything if you don’t reason it out with a logic. Imagine your child asking you any of the above questions. What would be your answer? Can you keep aside what the societal belief is and think unbiased? Apply your own logical set of brains and come to a conclusion. Or you would want them to be just as you are- beta aisa hi chalta aa raha hai..tum bhi wahi karo. This way you are seizing the right of your child to be better than you and producing one more idiot like you.

I love to have such wonderful conversations with my people. We start with something and then at least five new perceptions are pitched in and I think …oh yes, this is also a wonderful perspective, without just trying to win my point all the time. It’s time we should start talking about meaningful stuff which shall affect our lives rather than just gossip! We definitely need to unlearn a lot of things that has made our mind rigid with no room for accepting anything beyond our comfort zone. We need to keep our ego aside (of being right all the time), discuss it dispassionately and you should have the ability to questioning belief system to understand the other views instead of holding on to the unhealthy belief system.

Ok enough of gyaan, one last thing- when you try to seek your answers- of course people will differ from it. It’s not your job to convince them that you are right. You don’t need their approval. You should be satisfied with what you have decided. At the same time don’t belittle the ones whose opinion doesn’t match yours. Respect the difference. This questioning belief system process is not to change the other person but ONLY you.

Enjoy the journey!

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