Joblessness is probably one of the biggest disease

Unemployment is quite decreasing in India thankfully. Bagging your first job is not so easy. I know many such freshers, who are well settled now but had hard times finding their first job. When we observe people and their stories, we find it surprising sometimes on the way they got their first jobs.  One crowd is, who would never give up and keep hunting for the job of their field in which they actually studied or mastered. Another group of people would search for some period of time and might divert their fields later on either by choice or by helplessness or what we refer to as passive joblessness.

Now there are examples of those who studied something and then carved a niche in a totally separate career. There are people who are less successful but settled to earn their bread and butter by diverting their career paths at time intervals. So how can we measure the truthfulness of these individuals? In India, the education system is not so well planned and hence these cases are quite common. I support these groups of people who might be graduated with a different degree and are in different areas of their careers. It could be their choice, certain situation or can be sheer fate and luck! Unfortunately, a majority of student are not aware or clear about their goals and choices while choosing their careers or degree programs. There are the vast group of those parents or relatives too who would proudly impose their decisions on their children while selecting degree or career. So there is not just single criteria on which we may blame or curse joblessness those people who might take some MBBS, Engineering or MBA seat and are not in the same fields in their careers afterward!

Another case I came across was bagging the first job by lying due to extreme joblessness. This would not be ethical obviously, as said. There are people who lie or create fake resumes and get the first job. Reasons can be as stated above like ‘fresher’ problem or may not be so genuine. Thus this could be opposed by people who are well settled, socialized or CEOs, managers, HRs in some reputed organizations. This could be a controversy in an era of digital social media. I agree. But then there are many such organizations too who cheat on employees. They ask for pay cheque as security deposits while joining their company! We join to earn and they ask almost doubled or more of amount than the salary they offer on top of a bond sign! Ridiculous! Some bosses/organizations also warn us not to leave job otherwise they can blacklist us so that we don’t get further employment in the same city! Not just unethical but cruel! Many of them also do not provide full & final documents when leaving their company and ask to be paid huge bucks. Poor we, sometimes, also have to get into this trap helplessly as we would like to move forward with next job or good opportunity we may be getting. So what and who is ethical also depends on case to case. If no employee is perfect then no organization/boss/manager is crystal clear. We should not judge those directly who at least have guts to confess the truth and say they got their first job by lying! Decide carefully and think rational!

The education system, mentality of people, liberal rules and norms for private companies as well as selection criteria altogether affect the future of any individual and hence the society and country.

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