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Articles can just be overwhelming when they have philosophical information presented in an interactive manner.

Some people on social media appear secretive to all

According to global surveys social media is the fastest growing network across the world. There’s no doubt that every one of us use social media almost daily. People spend 3-5 hours a day on various social medias or just internet via laptop or smart phones but a few of them such as social media spies keep […]

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Question your belief system!

When I was five years old, I believed (read assumed), that a red-ink pen was very expensive. The reason- I rarely found a red-ink pen at my home compared to the blue one, so I assumed we couldn’t afford it. Innocent little mind. Haha! I made it my belief system, till, one day I found […]

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Celebrating life in the best possible manner

Celebrating life is really hard? Do not think so! This world is so strange. Going Hindi for few of the below lines… koi hamare andar dunia dhundhta he, lekin hamari dunia koi aur hi hoti he, jis me hum dunia dekhte he, aur uski dunia hum nai hote.. kabhi kabhi koi hame achha lagta he, chahe usne […]

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Void space in one’s mind or heart can be just terrible

Once, a man runs away, frustrating from his thoughts, it does lead to a vacuum created called as void space. He continues walking unless he reaches a jungle. He walks and walks exploring the jungle. He finds a monk sitting on the rock there. He bows to the monk and asks if he could answer […]

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