About Us

We are avid bloggers all about passionate towards philosophical living, in order to provide key information on life-based philosophical thoughts, while delivering content of great value to our readers. This is a blog from philosophy freaks, and for those concerned with living an ethically moral life. Additionally, the blog inspires and motivates people, bringing about positivism and spirituality in them. Even you can have your own share of valuable inputs, in the form of writing. Just fill up the contact form, get in touch, and begin as a writer, while also getting featured.


About Chintan Mehta

Chintan Mehta – Founder, IWB

I am a digital online marketing consultant, affiliate marketer, content writer, and copy editor, working freelance for clients, with 8+ years of industry experience, through live SEO friendly content. Being a content marketer for more than 8 years now, I have worked with organizations ranging from budding start-ups to established enterprises, delivering affordable and cheap content marketing services. If you have anything to say, get in touch directly with me at chintan@iwantbreak.com.


About Anushka Bhansali

Anushka Bhansali – Editor, IWB

I am a ‘Chartered Accountant (CA)’, running a jewelry business, with a fiery desire to work for society. I decided one day to let my thoughts flow, and found a home in reader minds. Articles and short stories presented here on my blog Sweet & Sour Life are purely my own views and do not intend to cajole readers into adopting them. I firmly believe growth and success are directly proportional to sharing, from observations, experiences, and of course books that touched her heart. I have imbibed a quote in her life “A reader lives a thousand lives before dying, while the one who never reads lives only one.”


About Archana Atara

Archana Atara – Editor, IWB

I am a simple individual with fun-loving foodie nature and a professional involved in transforming ideas into digital interfaces, even acting as a blogger to manifest my feelings into words. What began as writing a personal diary gradually moved to short fiction stories, later evolving into blogs, reflecting practical experiences. I firmly believe ‘balance is the key to life’ and my definition of LIFE is Live It Fully Every Moment. My articles act as a mirror to real life, as you can find on my blog  Archy The One.